The CALIBER Documentary

Editing & Direction

View the 11:21 documentary here:

“The story of Newark is being rewritten under the leadership of Mayor Cory Booker and we are honored to play a small role in supporting the rebirth of this great American city. It is our hope that this will be a model that we can roll out in other cities across the nation.

Each of the guns was carefully processed and released to Jewelry for a Cause by the Police Department of Newark. Their serial numbers were tracked and are an important part of the design in each of the pieces of jewelry. The metal from the guns and bullet casings were shredded by Sims Metal Management in Jersey City.

The name Caliber was chosen for its two meanings; the caliber of a gun and how the caliber of a city is raised when illegal guns are taken off its streets.”

For more info or to support this project go to Jewelry for a Cause.

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